Homemade Strawberry Jam without Pectin,
You’ll learn (if you haven’t already noticed) that Jessica is definitely the cooking/baking master! I’m much more of a novice cook at best. I tend to have a “close enough!” mindset, which when it comes to being in the kitchen, generally doesn’t end well! Don’t judge me for my laziness!
I love love love when I find a recipe that is delish, and oh, so simple! I love when it has a list of recipes I understand and actually have in my kitchen at all times.
Three times this summer I found myself with a fridge full of strawberries, and since we are big jam fans, jam-making was a natural solution! The only problem? Pectin. I didn’t have any pectin. I also have zero experience with canning. Freezer jam is totally my thing. Freezer? Yep! I have one of those! The best part about this recipe is that it’s pretty flexible! I learned it had to be because when you have 10 lbs. of berries, chances are they aren’t all perfect, not to mention their sweetness/ripeness is all over the board, and you’ll have to make some adjustments. Here’s the recipe:
4 C cut strawberries (or thereabout)
3 C sugar (about 3/4 cups of sugar for each cup of berries)
1/2 C lemon juice (2 TBSP lemon juice per cup of berries)
Cut up strawberries. Determine the size/texture based off how you like your jam. I throw my berries in our Magic Bullet for a few seconds until it’s not so chunky. Put all ingredients into a large pot and slowly warm to a boil. Boil mixture about 8 minutes until jam thickens. I usually test out the sweetness (carefully- ow! It’s hot!). It almost always sweetens up as it cools and thickens. I’m sure there’s some scientific reason behind this. Pour into containers and let cool. Stick 1 in the¬†fridge, and the rest in the freezer! We use this for PB&J sandwiches, on toast, and my fave is to put the jam on pancakes, waffles, or other yummy baked goods.



  1. May 13, 2017 made your strawberry freezer jam today. I’d never made freezer jam before. You are right about the fact that strawberries have enough natural pectin, so it’s not necessary to add it for making jam. This jam thickened nicely. It was to simple, but even more importantly, it is delicious. Followed your directions, after washing and drying the jars, I placed them on a sheet pan and put into oven @170 degrees, I was afraid the hot jam might crack the jars. My house was pretty chilly with the A/C on. I cooked the jam for 8 minutes and tested on a from the freezer saucer to see if it jelled. It was thicker, but decided to cook a few minutes more. I did add a few fine shavings of lemon peel. It is delicious. Using your measurements, it made 8 small jars, almost 4 ounces each. Really love this jam. I didn’t change your ingredients or amounts, just a tiny bit of lemon peel. Thanks for the recipe! I will make some more next week!


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