butter with a side of bread // oreo balls

Please know that I am so not a chocolatier! Just like I’m no good at making bread, I’m generally no good at dealing with chocolate. I’m fairly sure it’s because I lack a previously mentioned ability to be patient, and/or the capacity to slow down and focus. Alas! I’ve always had success with these… they’re easy… they taste like heaven… and even if they’re hideous, that’s ok… Because they taste like heaven!

butter with a side of bread // oreo balls
butter with a side of bread // oreo balls
Oreo Balls
1 package Oreo cookies (any brand will do)
1 block cream cheese, slightly softened (I’ve even tried the low fat… it’s a little looser, but they work!)
Melting chocolate or 1 package (good) chocolate chips (my favorite brand is Guittard)
Use a Cuisinart or Magic Bullet (more on this later) to mix crushed Oreos with the cream cheese. Use a small ice cream scoop or spoon to make ping-pong size balls. Refrigerate until cold. Use a double boiler to melt the chocolate, and dip balls in chocolate. Cool on wax paper, moving into the refrigerator to finish setting. When cool, drizzle with white chocolate.

More on my wacky techniques: Alright, so we have a tiny house, and I pride myself on getting creative with kitchen gadgets since, well, we don’t have many. (After 8 years together, we finally got a mixer a few months ago. Seriously.) Well, naturally, we don’t own a Cuisinart. We DO have a Magic Bullet however! Let me say- Cuisinarts? Work so much better. The Magic Bullet? Takes much more time. And makes much more of a mess. But in all honestly, their inconsistency in pulverizing the cookies is kind of refreshing. And I like it! I start out crushing the cookies in a bag, and bit by bit, add cookies & cream cheese to the Magic Bullet, then throw the contents in a bowl. Once I’ve gone through the whole package of cookies and cream cheese, I stir up the mixture in the bowl and make sure the texture is “soft” but not too chunky. Clear as mud? Really, you can’t go wrong. If I can make it, you can make it!

*Note: The cooler you keep the balls before you dip, the better. I didn’t wait long enough this time (see? Lack of patience), hence the rather… well, let’s be honest, these are not the prettiest batch anyones ever seen:) The haggard appearance is ignored once you eat them, however. Delish!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your oreo balls at our Strut Your Stuff Saturday! They are our favorites and look delicious! Hope you'll be back to share more yummy recipes! Have a great weekend! -The Six Sisters
  2. These look amazingly good. I can&#39;t wait to try these for Jacob. Personally I use a rolling pin for crushing and a hand mixer for blending and it still taste good. I have a big mixer but I just prefer the old hand method, I guess it&#39;s my age and old habits. Keep cooking up great recipes and sharing with us, they are awesome. <br />Best<br />Angel<br />
  3. You are much too hard on yourself. These look great! Nothing wrong with those at all. I want to make these &amp; hope mine turn out as good &amp; as good-looking as yours. Tk u for sharing. Going to make them for Christmas (maybe before - to taste-test them of course). Merry Christmas!


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