Newsflash: I have a lot of barbecue sauce in my pantry. Don’t we all by now?! I was struggling with what to make for dinner the other night so I asked my 5-year-old. What did she say? What would every 5-year-old say? Pizza. So that’s what we did. I made a pepperoni pizza for the kids and a barbecue chicken pizza for my hubby & I.


I don’t have a recipe for my pizza. (Do you need a recipe for pizza?!) I did however try a new crust recipe this time. It’s called Jay’s Signature Pizza Crust from Mine took a lot more flour than the recipe called for and I did add dough enhancer {it makes such a difference!} It came out really well- my favorite so far!


I won’t list out the recipe, you can check it out here. I will show you a few steps to it though- it’s quite easy!


You start by dissolving the sugar in the warm water and adding the yeast. Let it sit for about 10 minutes.


Then I add the flour gradually until it’s no longer sticky. As I said before, mine took quite a bit more flour than the recipe called for- about 1/2 cup more. It was raining- maybe the humidity had something to do with it??


Once the dough is soft & elastic, I put it in a well greased bowl with a damp cloth covering and allow it to rise until doubled.


Punch dough down and knead a few more times. I then spread a little corn meal on my pizza stone, shape my dough and bake it a few minutes in a 425 degree oven before adding toppings.


**Note: My husband has mastered the art of shaping pizza dough but I have not. Don’t laugh at my irregular shaped pizza! I seem to do well on one side, but the other side looks odd. It tasted great that’s all that matters, right?!)



While the dough is baking a few minutes, I assemble my pizza ingredients. The dough made 2 large pizzas, but I’ll feature the BBQ chicken pizza. I used diced chicken, red onion, mozzarella cheese, mild cheddar cheese and Parmesan cheese as toppings.


To save time, I used some frozen diced red onion leftover from another meal. I used about half the amount in this bag.


I had some leftover chicken I wanted to use up, but it turned out to not be enough, so I quickly sauteed a small chicken breast in some watered down Kraft Honey BBQ sauce (to prevent sticking), then cut it up.

I spread the BBQ sauce, then added a thin layer of cheese, the chicken and red onion. I then topped it with more cheese and sprinkled it with a small amount of Italian seasoning.

Baked it at 425 for about 12 minutes and voila! I topped it with some fresh cilantro because it sounded good!

I calculated the 2 pizzas to cost about $3.75 total- .50 for the dough, $1 for the cheese, $1 for the chicken, and $1 for the kid’s pizza’s pepperoni. The red onion and cilantro were pennies, and the Kraft BBQ sauce was free! {using coupons!}


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