The Easiest Way to Cook Bacon - Butter With A Side of Bread

We are big fans of bacon at our house! I’ve tried every single way to cook it- I’ve pan fried it, baked it a variety of ways, heck I’ve even tried boiling it, which is something I don’t care to talk about if you don’t mind. (Suffice it to say it was an epic fail.) I always seem to come back to this basic way of cooking it, so I thought I’d share it with you all.
The Easiest Way to Cook Bacon - Butter With A Side of BreadI got this pound of Brown Sugar Cured Bacon from Christiansen’s Family Farm here in Utah. If you’re local, be sure to check them out- they offer humanely treated, pasture raised, all natural meats including, Berkshire pork, Grass Fed Beef, and pastured poultry. It’s farm-to-table bacon at its best!

The flavor in this bacon was incredible! The saltiness of the bacon contrasted with the sweet tang of the brown sugar- yum!

On to my favorite way to cook bacon… no manning the hot stove, flipping, pressing and turning… nope, simply do this-


Oven Baked Bacon

  • 1-lbs sliced bacon
  • large piece of foil

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. 

Line a baking sheet/ jelly roll pan with foil. Arrange bacon on baking sheet in a single layer. You can overlap slightly as the bacon will shrink while cooking. 

Bake for 20-25 minutes, depending on how crispy you like your bacon. Transfer bacon to a plate lined with paper towels. 

That’s it! Enjoy!


  • You can overlap pieces if you need to, but just know that it will result in some pieces that are less cooked than others.
  • I’ve baked my bacon on a cooling rack before (set on the pan, instead of the bacon directly on the pan) and have decided it’s just not worth the hassle. The rack gets very messy and is hard to clean, plus I don’t notice any difference in how the bacon tastes. If anything, I think cooking in straight on the pan lined with foil is faster!
  • After a few rounds of oven baked bacon, you will have to run the oven cleaner. It’s totally worth it!

The Easiest Way to Cook Bacon - Butter With A Side of Bread




    • I like to deep fry my bacon in bacon grease. I save my grease from each time. If I want bacon bits I use kitchen scissors to cut the bacon into small pieces before I cook them and if I want slices I leave the slices whole. Deep frying ensures even cooking with no large pieces of uncooked fat. it also prevents splashing and flare-ups. I paper towel dry and refrigerate. Will keep for a couple of weeks to be used in all of your recipes. Strain grease each time, to keep clean. I change the grease completely once a month. I didn’t learn this from anyone….I figured it out myself and I wouldn’t cook bacon any other way.

    • Tent a large piece of foil over the top of the bacon- that helps a ton! I usually just plan to run the oven cleaner after mine’s done.

    • Mine turned out really well…….no mess……crispiest bacon…. I use parchment paper…choose pan that fits your foil or parchment so there are no seams( paper should come up sides)…..Also works at 350 degrees. Too much grease while cooking??? Tilt pan, use clean paper towels to remove excess grease then back in oven to finish.

  1. I cook my bacon in the microwave. No mess at all. Lay the bacon on a paper towel and lay another piece over it. Then put that inside some newspaper. All the grease gets soaked up.


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