I think I Google most things in life. (Is that healthy?)
I have Google’d “the easiest way to bake a sweet potato” at least 20 times. And I’ve gotten about 20 different answers. Maybe you have your own “best” way, but for now I’ll share mine!
Turn your oven to 400 degrees. Wash your sweet potato and cut off the ends. Lay on a cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil (just enough to catch the potato goo). 45-60 minutes later (depending on the size and number of potatoes) check for oozing. Ta-daaa! Perfect sweet potato! You can also check and see the internal temp of the potato it will be 210 degrees F when it’s cooked.
(Don’t the words “goo” and “oozing” just make you salivate? Yah, not so much. Although, it’s not often that you can actually type those words on a food blog, so I’ll take advantage while I can! While we’re at it, CAN SOMEONE JUST DECIDE THE RIGHT WAY TO SPELL POTATO? Why did spell-check tell me that when I add an “s,” I also need to add an extra “e?” Doh!)



    • Leah- you don't need to pierce the potato- but you can if you want to. I just cut off the ends- what happens is the potato puffs up a bit and when it's fully cooled, this allows you to peel the skin off super easily! It will ooze from wherever you've cut it- so the ends... or from the piercings on the potato and the ends if you pierce it.


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