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It’s Spring (finally!) and Easter is just around the corner. My husband took the kids out to run a few errands over the weekend and while they were gone I whipped up a special treat for them. I got some Super Snack Pack Pudding Cups and had the idea to create a little Easter flower garden using marshmallows, sprinkles and other candies I had on hand. The idea came together so well I couldn’t wait to share it with you! My kids went crazy and they enjoyed that nearly every part of the flower garden was edible. I was having fun trying out new ideas for different flowers- get creative and enjoy!

Spring Flower Garden Pudding Cups

  • 1 6-pack Super Snack Pack Pudding Cups, any flavor
  • mini marshmallows
  • large marshmallows
  • about 1 TBSP melted white chocolate, to use as an adhesive
  • colored sugar sprinkles- yellow, pink, green, etc.
  • round lollipops (I used Dum Dums)
  • round candies for flower decoration
  • watermelon Airheads candy- to use as leaves (optional- these were fun but once you put the flower in the pudding cup, you can’t really see them.)
  • 1 cup sweetened flake coconut + 5-6 drops of green food coloring

Melt chocolate and unwrap lollipops. Lay out a piece of wax paper where you’ll lay your flowers while they dry.

Toss 1 cup of sweetened flake coconut with several drops of green food coloring. Mix until coconut is green. Set aside.

To make the flowers with the large petals, you’ll use the large marshmallows. Sprinkle colored sugar onto a plate. Using kitchen shears, cut marshmallows length-wise into 4 slices. Dip the sticky part of each slice into the colored sugar, coating both sides if necessary. Use the melted chocolate to stick the petals around the lollipop. I found it was easier to dab a bit of chocolate on the narrow side of the petal marshmallow, then arrange the petals on the wax paper and set the lollipop on top, so that it’s in contact with all of the petals. Let sit until dry, which is in about 10 minutes or less. Once dry, turn over- whatever side was the cleanest I used as the front. Dab the round sprinkles in a little chocolate and arrange on the front of the flower as you’d like.

To make the flowers with the small petals, use the mini marshmallows. Cut each marshmallow diagonally, then dip the sticky part into the colored sugar. Dip the narrow end of the marshmallow into the chocolate and arrange in a circle face down on the wax paper. (See green lollipop pic below.) Place the lollipop directly in the center, making sure each petal comes in contact with the lollipop. Let dry and decide which side you’d like to have as the front. Use the chocolate to arrange more candies on the front. Let dry fully before arranging in the pudding cups.

The flowers placed directly onto the top of the pudding cups are the easiest to make! Cut 7-8 mini marshmallows diagonally and coat the sticky side with colored sugar. Spoon about 2 TBSP of green coconut onto each pudding cup. To make your flower, begin with the outer layer- set petals sugar side up and narrow pointy side out- around the exterior of the pudding cup, in a circular shape. Arrange the next layer in another circular shape, overlapping the outside layer in between petals. Stick another marshmallow in the center of the flower and use chocolate to adhere a round candy to the top. That’s it!

Spoon about 2 TBSP of green coconut onto the remaining pudding cups to be used as “grass.” Arrange your lollipop flowers by sticking the stems into the top of the cup. I also tied a pretty ribbon around each cup and handed them out to the wide-eyed, excited kids! ENJOY!

Flower Garden Pudding Cups. Flower Garden Pudding Cups.IMG_6017

Super Snack Pack Pudding Cups are a great snack as they have as much calcium as a glass of milk and 3 grams of protein. All of my kids loved them- especially with the flower garden mix-ins! Be sure to print the coupon available right now to save $.50 on each Super Snack Pack!

Easter Spring Flower Garden Pudding Cups Snack Packs

Flower Garden Snack Packs.Butter With A Side of Bread.IMG_0141

Flower Garden Snack Packs.Butter With A Side of Bread.IMG_0196

Easter Spring Flower Garden Pudding Cups Snack Packs

 You can find the Super Snack Pack Pudding Cups on what our family calls the “Snack Aisle” of your local Walmart.

Flower Garden Pudding Cups.

 So many choices! I thought the lighter colored puddings- vanilla, tapioca, and banana looked so cute with the Easter flowers on top. However my kids are chocolate fanatics and those pudding cups were to first to disappear off the table! The Super Snack Packs, sold in a 6-pack, contain more pudding than the regular packs so they were a filling snack. (Which I love since I feel like my kids are hungry all the time!)

Have fun creating your flower garden!

I’d love to see your creations- tag me on Instagram @JessicaLovesButter

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