Italian Ice Reviews: Luigi's, Wyler's and Philly Swirl Butter, with a Side of Bread

I’ve been on this Italian Ice kick lately. For those who haven’t tried this tasty treat, Italian Ice is like an Otter-Pop for grown ups, only 10x better. It’s dairy-free and I love the slightly tart taste. It’s softer than a popsicle too, being as it’s mixed while made, so it’s slushy, but still solid. How’s that for a bunch of adjectives?!  It’s hard to describe, but just trust me when I say- you’ll love it!

Several weeks ago I decided to try out different brands to see who had the Best store-bought Italian Ice.

Italian Ice Reviews: Luigi's, Wyler's and Philly Swirl Butter, with a Side of Bread

Up first is Luigi’s. At .45 per serving it was the most expensive brand I tried. It also had the most sugar at a whopping 20 grams each cup! Wowza. So yeah, don’t eat them all in one day or you won’t be able to sleep for a week. There were 6 cups total, three Lemon and three Strawberry. I tried the Lemon and just about stopped this little unscientific experiment there and declared them the winners. It was so delicious. Slightly sweet, slightly tart, perfect consistency. Yum.

However then I tried the Strawberry and well, it was pretty bland. I forgot what kind of berry it was half-way through as it just tasted like a slightly fruity cup of Italian-Ice-esque dessert. The consistency was spot on, but still- where’d the flavor go? Slightly disappointing

Italian Ice Reviews: Luigi's, Wyler's and Philly Swirl Butter, with a Side of Bread

Next I tried Philly Swirl, Swirl Stix Italian Ice Pops. These came 6 to a box and were only $1, which made them pretty inexpensive at .17 per serving. There was only 1 flavor in the box, Orange Creme. They had only 9 grams of sugar in each serving, which is the lowest amount of all three brands I tried.  To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from these. They just looked really basic and my first thought was “These are going to taste like an orange popsicle.”

I’m happy to report that I was wrong…mostly. The consistency wasn’t exactly Italian Ice. It was more like a cross between a popsicle and Italian ice. However what they lacked in consistency they made up for in flavor. They are dairy free yet taste very reminiscent of an Orangsicle, which is something I really miss! I really enjoyed these!

Italian Ice Reviews: Luigi's, Wyler's and Philly Swirl Butter, with a Side of Bread

Lastly I stopped by Walgreen’s and purchased a box of Wyler’s Italian Ices. For $2.50 I got a box of 16 with 4 different flavors- Orange Cream, Kiwi Watermelon, Lemon and Raspberry. At just .16 per serving, these were the least expensive brand I tried. This was also the only brand that came unfrozen. You lay them out flat in the freezer and within a few hours, your frozen treat is ready. Their sugar content was 12 grams per serving and these too were all dairy-free.

I was skeptical as to how the consistency would be being as I had to freeze them myself, but it’s perfect! How’d they do that? Oh right, corn syrup. {Which is a common ingredient among all 3 brands!} I loved being able to choose between different flavors and the fact that there are 16 to a box is super nice! The Lemon and Raspberry flavors were my favorites, but really, I liked them all!

So who is the winner? I’d say Luigi’s lost me on price and lack of flavor. Philly Swirl was really good, but I wish I had more options. So I’d say the clear winner is Wyler’s Italian Ices! Stop by Walgreen’s and pick up a box to enjoy on one of these super hot summer days!

Have you tried Italian Ice before? What’s your favorite brand or cafe that offers it?


  1. OMG Jessica thanks for the review! My water ice kick started with Wyler's. I did my search to see if anyone else thought that Wyler's was also their favorite store brand. When i did my search I made no mention of Wyler's. I just searched best store bought Italian water ice. They taste better than Luigi's IMO and being cheaper is a bonus!


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