KITCHEN STEALS: Hot Deals for Halloween Baking and More!

We’re launching another Saturday feature here on Butter- one that I hope you will all enjoy! For years I authored a frugal living blog so getting a great deal is just a part of who I am. I have a good understanding of what specific items cost so when they’re heavily discounted, I can recognize it for the steal that it is. So on a bi-weekly basis I’ll pass along some current great deals- most, if not all of these are 50-75% off!

We’re focusing on Amazon this week since we adore Amazon (great deals delivered right to your door? Sign me up!)  I found some great deals on a few things that would be perfect for Halloween…my kids would just love to make a brain out of Jello, I’m sure!  I also found some great deals on some of my favorite kitchen items!

Post may contain affiliate links.  We make a small amount off items purchased through these links.



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