How to roast chestnuts @ Butter with a Side of Bread

Great song, isn’t it?!

More than a song… holy cow, chestnuts are amazing!
I didn’t realize until I went to college that apparently people don’t eat chestnuts enough. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever met another soul who has actually roasted chestnuts! People! It is not Christmastime without chestnuts!

Chestnuts are a little tough to find here in Utah. Sometimes they are in the produce section of the grocery store, but oftentimes, you have to go to a specialty store or market (i.e. an Italian market) to stock up. Many (most? All? I have no idea) are imported. I went to Tony Caputo’s (remember Caputo’s?)…

Alright- the recipe is simple! Cut a slit in the top of the chestnut. Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes (your house will smell yummy when they’re done). Dig in, peel, and eat! (PS – They are a little easier to peel when warm says my mama. And she is usually right about these things. PPS – The whole “roasting on an open fire?” Yah, it was to lure you in. I use my oven. I have no idea how to actually roast them on an open fire. Anyone? Anyone?)
How to roast chestnuts @ Butter with a Side of Bread
How to roast chestnuts @ Butter with a Side of Bread
How to roast chestnuts @ Butter with a Side of Bread

Random tips about chestnuts:
– According to my calculations, you burn as many calories peeling chestnuts as you do eating.
– A large number of the chestnuts will have black parts. Eat around them (at least, that’s what we do!). You won’t die. About once every season you open one and it puffs with green mold. That means you won! Congratulations! This is exciting. It’s kind of like winning the wishbone pull on Thanksgiving:) Oh, but don’t eat these. They are not good. Not. Good.
-Really, chestnuts are a gamble, and some batches are better than others! Don’t be surprised if 20% aren’t edible (sad, but true)- this is why you burn as many calories peeling as you do eating:)
– Beware of flying shell pieces. They are like shrapnel.

– Stop when the tip of your thumb (like, under your nail) feels like it’s going to bleed. That means you’ve peeled and eat eaten a serving size (again, my very scientific calculations).




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