Bocata City Creek Restaurant Review
Maybe it’s just me, but I’m such a creature of habit. On the occasion that we find ourselves in a food court, I have my short list of restaurants- and they’re the chains. The same chains. The same meals. Habitual. 
Hold the phone, I have an exception! Who’s been to Bocata? Anyone? Anyone? Who’s been to Settebello? Anyone? Anyone? Well, there are now two Settebello locations- Salt Lake & Farmington, and Bocata is like a little Settebello step-child. Or is it a biological child? I’m not sure. Either way, they’re from the same family! (I could do an entirely other post on the joys of Settebello…) Bocata is a little spot in the City Creek Food Court. And it makes me want to rethink my “chain-only” mentality. 
Bocata makes “artisan sandwiches” (and salads, and soups, and Israeli couscous… and some chicken they say is “drunken.” Poor chicken), but get this (oh, and get ready to squeal! Hang on! Listen!)- the bread is made fresh in their brick oven! Brick oven, peeps! BRICK! OVEN! I mean, really? I have a serious soft spot for bread (and butter. And that’s putting it mildly). My favorite sandwich is the Caprese- it’s fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, oil & balsamic… all melty and perfect because it’s in a little hot pocket of fire toasted goodness! BAH! My giddiness is palpable.


  1. I love you new blog! Thanks for sharing. My husband and I are actually moving to SLC in January. He graduates from BYU in December. This is off topic but you seem to know the SLC area really well! Any tips on where to live? We have 2 kids and my husband's new office is actually attached to City Creek! I would love any tips you have. We are okay with a commute. Thanks!

  2. thanks jenna! well, welcome to salt lake! city creek sure made downtown even more fun- i hope he loves his new office. <br /><br />there are SO many great parts of salt lake- i think it kind of depends on what you guys like. we&#39;ve lived downtown (which was perfect pre-kiddo), and currently live in and love north salt lake- the proximity to downtown is fab, and there are some awesome


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