smores in the oven, butter with a side of bread

So, I don’t think I’m alone here, but are January & February not the longest months ever?
I think that’s why February has 28 days instead of 30- someone was trying to throw us a bone way-back-when…

Around here, I’m kind of notorious for finding and eating any and all desserts. Nothing is safe. When most treats are gone, this seems to be our constant after-dinner friend! We have variations, but this is for sure one of my favorites. It’s not really creative, more-so a reminder… but, oh, the possibilities! See, don’t let winter get the best of you! Think summer! 🙂Ahem, focus. Very. Complicated. You’ll need:

Chocolate chips
Graham crackers
Line base of pan with chocolate chips, cover with marshmallows, and broil on low until the mallows are magnificently bronzy. (You want them to broil low & slow so the chips get melty, too.) Scoop out of the pan w/ your graham crackers & enjoy!
(Remember, the pan will be scorching, so watch for any little fingers.)

smores in the oven, butter with a side of bread

^^ Before being bronzed.

^^ Feel the burn!

smores in the oven, butter with a side of bread

^^ If you don’t have a cast iron pan, any pan/sheet will do. I’ve tried. They all work:)

Did I mention that food is also the only reason I camp? See! It’s like summertime in your kitchen!
You’re welcome.


  1. My family and I just finished making this and I just need to say that it was so delicious! It was very easy and quick to make and the result was perfect! I will be making this again for future sleepovers. 🙂